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Lenny Kravitz - Tuesday, June 5 20h00
Zenith oméga at Toulon

Caravan Palace

Manu Chao - Saturday, June 23 16h00
Plein air at Ruoms

Kenye west

Bob Dylan - Friday, July 20 21h30
Arena of Bayonne

M Pokora


Shaka Ponk - Thursday, October 11 20h00
Le Krakatoa at Merignac

David Guetta

IBY Concept

The IBY project aims to create a communicating object that fits in the concert halls. Our approach is focused around technology and processing of generative design.

It took shape as a ball of 1m20 of diameter on the surface and covered with flexible LED scheduled to be launched in the audience while involving it in a creative process.

"The generative art, (...) is an artistic practice that uses mathematical algorithms to automatically or semi-automatically in terms of more conventional art forms."
Golan Levin.

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Interact with the ball with the mobile application.

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The data from strikes on the ball are used to create generative designs projected on the giant screen during even.

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The works generated, as well as photos taken by the ball are available on our website.

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It' was initially conceived such as an interactive platform in the concerts. Force sensors, all the data it will generate will result from the action of the public on it.

Its motion sensors, its photographic lenses and dedicated mobile application, are used in order to create collective tables. Interaction with the ball in two ways: through direct contact with it via a mobile application and to pilot its surface LED.

Through its various sensors, the ball produces data which are operated as graphics. Thus a strike on the ball will be video-projected as a spray-painting more or less depending on type. Photographs taken by the ball will also be integrated into these tables.

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Next IBY Concert

You will find throughout the calendar all the dates where you can find the ball IBY.

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Mont Joux Festival
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24h of Swing
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Bob Dylan
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Rock en Seine
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David Guetta
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iby ball septembre
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Contacter us

For more information, and information requests, please contact us by filling out this contact form, we will reply promptly.

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